SEO modules for Drupal Websites

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Drupal is a very powerful famous CMS. Hundreds or may be thousands of website are built in Drupal daily. Now let see how easy is Drupal search engine optimization (SEO). You can easily do SEO of Drupal websites using some SEO modules.

  1. First Module you need is pathauto. The Pathauto module automatically generates path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, categories, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. This allows you to get aliases like /category/my-node-title.html instead of /node/123. The aliases are based upon a “pattern” system which the administrator can control.If your site dont have too many pages, you can use path module also. Enable path module from Drupal web site Admin panel.
  2. If you use path or autopath module to change the url of your Drupal websites, than you must use Global Redirect module. It will redirect all node urls to custom url, and thus your website is safe from dublicate content. However this may give you some trouble. So, you can avoid this.
  3. Use XMLsitemap, RobotsTXT and MetaTag modules for better Drupal SEO.

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