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Below I have mentioned some top features of Drupal.

  1. SEO friendly url. Drupal has advance url control feature. You can customize url of any page. This feature is not available in other CMS like wordpress. You can also atomate custom url of different content type using module “pathauto”.
  2. Integrated Forum. Drupal comes with a integrated forum. However you can also integrate other forums script like phpBB, SMF, Vbulletin etc.
  3. Custom content type and views. Content Construction Kit (CCK) and Views Modules can be used to create new content types and create advanced custom views for them without writing any code. Like you can create content type as latest news, my images, webdesign etc. and display them in many different ways.
  4. Input Formats. Drupal lets you select input format of your post like Filtered HTML, Full HTML, PHP. You can also make you own format from admin panel.
  5. Integrated Search Engine. Drupal have intergrated search engine. Just enable the search module, and allow it to appear in theme setting.
  6. Meta Tags. Drupal meta tag module allows users to add meta tags, eg keywords or description.
  7. Comments and RSS feed. Drupal has inbuilt comment system. However you can assign rules for comment for each page/post. Drupal also comes with inbuilr RSS feed. Default url of Drupal RSS feed is drupalsite.com/rss.xml
  8. Custome tile. You can have custome title for each page.

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  1. meego tablet says:

    Drupal is exelent for large sites with hundreds of nodes. I only use Drupal for my large site.

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