3D line in Photoshop

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In this tutorial we will make a 3D line in Photoshop. Tutorial is very easy and will hardly take 10-15 minutes to complete. I will try to use maximum images to make tutorial easy to understand. I have also attached the final PSD file of the tutorial for download for FREE. Below is the final image of the tutorial.
3D line final image

Step 1:
Create a new document (File >> New)
New document in photoshop

Step 2:
Select “paint bucket tool”
paint bucket tool

Fill the layer with color #2a2a2a
color shape

Step 3:
Select “Line tool”.
Line tool in photoshop

Set weight to 1px and color to #000000
Create a new layer, press and hold shift key and draw a horizontal line.
draw line

Step 4:
Right click line layer and select “Blending Options”
blending options

Apply following layer style.
drop shadow

Now it looks like this:

Step 5:
Create a new layer. Select “rectangular marquee tool”
marquee tool in photoshop

select a area just above line and of about 50px height.

Select gradient tool.
gradient tool

Set foreground color to #ffffff and apply following settings.
gradient tool settings

Press and hold shift key and drag mouse from bottom to top.

Step 6:
Create a new layer. Select marquee tool, make the marquee selection just below the line.

Select gradient tool and set foreground color to #000000
Press and hold shift key and drag mouse from top to bottom of marquee selection.

Press ctrl+D to deselect marquee selection. Press ctrl key and select all layer except background. Now right click any layers and select “merge layers”.
merge layers

Now our image looks like this:
after merge

Step 7:
Select “rectangular marquee tool” and select area covering line and both gradients.

Right click and select “select inverse”.
select inverse

Again right click and select “Feather” and set to 10px.

Press delete key 5-6 times. Your image is ready.
3D line final image

You are free to use it for personal and commercial use. But you cannot sell it. You cannot also distribute it on your name. If you distribute it for free on your website, you must mention our website link as source.

Download PSD file of the tutorial

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