Add digital star effect to your image

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In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to change your photo into a digital star type.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes

Below is the preview of the final image.
Step 1:
Open any image to which you want to add digital star effect. I am using a intel logo image.

Step 2:
In this step we will apply Mosaic filter. Got to Filter >> Pixelate >> Mosaic and apply filter with Cell Size 6 square.

Step 3:
In this step we will apply edges filter. Go to Filter >> Stylize >> Find Edges and apply filter.
Now the image looks like this:

Step 4:
In this step we will apply median noise. Go to Filter >> Noise >> Median apply with a Radius 1 pixels.

Step 5:
In this step we will add Blur filter. Go to Filter >> Blur >> Motion Blur. Set the angle to 45ยบ and the distance to 10 pixels.

Step 6:
In this step we will add Auto tone. Apply auto tone from Image >> Auto tone.
Below is the final image.

I hope you like the tutorial. You can also download the PSD file of this tutorial free!!!
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