Add Grunge effect to your photo

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In this tutorial we will add grunge effect to a photo very easily. It is very easy. Just need 10 minutes to add grunge effect to any image. I have used a brush. I have also added the download link of the brush.

This is the original photo without any grunge effect.
without grunge effect

And this is after applying grunge effect using Adobe Photoshop
grunge image

Step 1:
Open your picture in Adobe Photoshop (File >> Open).
open image

Step 2:
Navigate to: Filter >> Artistic >> Fresco
Fresco filter

Apply following effect.
apply fresco effect

After applying fresco effect, our image will look like this:
After fresco effect

Step 3:
Create a new layer by clicking “new layer” shortcut icon.
New layer shortcut

Step 4:
Now we will add some grunge brush on the image. Download Grunge_Brushes_005_by_Tackybrush from here. Extract the zip file and load the brush. I download this brush from here.

Set opacity to 50%. Now use different gray color and grunge brush and apply on the images many times. Here is final image.
grunge image

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