Create PayPal donate button in photoshop

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In this tutorial we will make a glossy PayPal donate button in photoshop. The layered Photoshop file and PNG file is available for download at the end of the tutorial. You can use these icons on your website.

Final Image preview
Below is the final preview of the paypal donate button.

Step 1:
Create a new document, roughly about 300 px X 300 pixels, with white or transparent background. Set color to #e48d06. Create a new layer. Select “Rounded rectangle tool” with 8px radius and draw a rectangle shape.

Step 2:
Press and hold CTRL key and click on the button shape layer. This will load button shape.

Now contract the selection by 2 px (Select >> Modify >> Contract).

Set foreground color to white. Select gradient tool with “Foreground To Transparent”. Press and hold “SHIFT” key and drag mouse from lower selection to middle of the button.

Now button should look like this:

Step 3:
Now select “rectangular marquee tool” and make selection like below.

Again apply gradient same as we did in step 2 but this time from top to bottom.
Now our button looks like this:

Step 4:
Create a new layer. Select text tool and type “Paypal” using following text style.
Font style: Verdana
Font weight: Bold italic
Size: 36
Color: #1b3664 and #32679b

Apply following layer style to paypal text layer.

Step 5:
Create a new layer. Again select text tool and type “Donate” with following text style:
Font style: Verdana
Font weight: Bold italic
Size: 18
Color: #0b1f41

That’s it, our paypal donate button is ready. This is how button looks on a white background.

And this is on transparent background.

Free for personal and commercial use. If possible, please link back to our site as source.

The PayPal logo is copyright of PayPal and I claim no copyright in their creation.

I hope you like the tutorial. below you can download the PSD file.
download PSD

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