Design postage stamp social icons in Photoshop

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This is our another Photoshop tutorial to design social icons. Today we will design postage stamp type social icons in Adobe Photoshop. At the end of tutorial, you can download PSD file and PNG files of all social icons.

Final Preview

Before I start the tutorial, let’s see the final image of the social icons that we will design in this tutorial.

Step 1:

Create a new document of size 350 X 350px and transparent background.

Step 2:

Select rectangle tool.
rectangle tool

Press and hold SHIFT key and draw a square shape in color #d7d7d7 as shown below.

Now Rasterize this square shape layer.

Step 3:

Select brush tool with following settings.

Step 4:

Load square shape.

Right click and select “Make Work Path..”

Step 5:

Select Pen tool. Right click again and select Stroke path >> Eraser

And then delete the path.

It looks like this now.

Apply following layer style to this shape.

Step 6:

Select Rectangle tool again. Create a new layer and draw another square shape in color #e7f3f9 as shown below.

Step 7:

Create a new layer and paste a social icon. Like here I am pasting twitter icon.

Step 8:

Now rotate all layer as shown below.

Step 9:

Create a new layer. Select Ellipse tool, and draw a elliptical shape in black color as shown below.

Apply Gaussian blur (Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur) so it looks like a shadow.

Step 10:

So, our first social icon, Twitter icon is ready. Now just replace twitter icon by another social icons to make other social icons.


Below you can download PSD and PNG files of social icon set.

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