Glassy web 2.0 Button in Photoshop

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In this photoshop tutorial we will learn how to create a Glassy web 2.0 Button in Photoshop

1) Create a new document, File -> New


2) Select “Rounded Rectangle tool” from tool palette.

and draw a rectangle button shape.

3) Press and hold “ctrl” key on keyboard and click on this layer. The button shape will be selected. Now create a new layer, Layer -> New

4) Now choose any dark color of your choice as foreground color, and similar light color in tool palette.


5) Select “Gradient” tool from tool palette.


6) Select first option in “gradient picker


7) Hold and drag mouse from top to bottom of button shape. We will have a image like this.


9) As we can see,  button shape is already selected. Create a new layer (Layer -> New)

Now Contract the selection of this shape by 3 pixel.
Select -> Modify -> Contract


10) Now, once again we will use gradient from top to bottom. But we will lighten both forground and background color than previous selection. Now our button looks like this.


11) Create a new layer (Layer -> New) and select “Elliptical marquee tool


12) Press and hold “Alt” button on keyboard -> and drag mouse from middle of the button shape.


14) change color of foreground and background.

foreground -> white

Background -> Black


15) Select “Gradient tool” and select second option in gradient picker.


16) Hold and drag mouse from top to bottom over selected area.

Change opacity to 70

Now deselect (Select -> Deselect)

Now our button looks like this:


17) Now, lets add some text on the button. First create a new layer (New -> Layer). Now click on the text button -> then click on button and type some text.  You can select font and color of your choice.

After typing text, select layer type as “soft light”.

18) Right click on text layer and select “Blending options” -> Drop shadow.

  • opacity -> 75%
  • Size: 2
  • Distance : 3
  • Angle: 90

19) similarly drop shadow for complete button.

  • opacity: 50%
  • Angle: 90

20) So, our final image is like:


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