How to Add Reflection in Photoshop

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In this photoshop tutorial we will learn how to add reflection in images.

1) Create a new document in photoshop.
File -> New

2) Type some text. Here I am typing “ReflectioN”. You can change font and color of the text.


3) Now we have to create a duplicate layer of step 2. Right click on layer -> select “Duplicate Layer”


4) Select duplicate layer. And flip it vertically.
Edit -> Transform -> Flip Vertical

Drag the image downward. It should look like this.


5) Right click “Reflection copy” layer and select “Blending options” and than select “Gradient Overlay”.


6) Check “reverse” box. Click on gradient color bar. Select left color same as the color of the original¬† text. Select right color same as the color of background. Here text color is black and background color is white. Click OK


7) Hold mouse at bottom of inverted image and slowly move the mouse upward. Drag mouse until you get something like this.


You can also change opacity of the reflected image as per requirement.

This is how you can do reflection in photoshop. Here I have done reflection of text, in similar manner we can also do reflection of images.

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