How to design Inset Lines in Photoshop

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I have already explained one method to make inset lines in Photoshop.
Inset Line Effect in Photoshop

Here is another method to make inset lines in Photoshop.

Final Image of the Tutorial

Inset line effect in photoshop

Step: 1

Create a new document (File >> New)
New Photoshop File
You may use different size.

Step: 2

Select “Paint Bucket Tool”.

Fill the layer with any color you with to have as background. I am using #3b3b3b color to fill the layer.

Step: 3

Create a New layer (Layer >> New >> Layer..) and select “Line tool”.
Photoshop Line Tool

Set foreground color to white. Press and hold shift key and draw a straight line.

Step: 4

Right click Line Layer, and select “Blending options
Blending Option

Apply following layer style.
Gradient Layer style

The first color should be little darker than background color, and the second color should be little lighter than background color.

Your inset line is ready.
Inset line effect in photoshop

download psd file

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