How to make Postage stamp type border

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Hello friends, In this Photoshop tutorial, we will add Postage stamp type border to an image. Its very easy. Just use of eraser tool with some brush setting.
Difficulty: Easy
Completion time: 5-15 minutes.
Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Final Look

Below is the final look after we apply the postage stamp type border.

Step 1:

Create a new document of size 300 X 300 px with transparent background.

Step 2:

Select “Rectangle Tool“.
rectangle tool

And draw a rectangle shape in white color.

Step 3:

Select “Eraser Tool”

Press F5 and apply following setting to eraser tool.

Step 4:

Press and hold CTRL key and click on rectangle shape layer. This will load rectangle shape.

Select “Rectangle Marquee Tool”.

Now, right click and select “Make Work Path”

Right click layer and select “Rasterize Layer

Step 5:

Select “Pen Tool“.
pen tool

Right click on the image and select “Stroke Path“.

And stroke path with Eraser.

Right click again and select “Delete path”.

We have applied postage type border to this shape.

Add a small image to make it look like a postage stamp.

I hope you liked the tutorial.

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