Metallic text effect in Photoshop

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In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to create metallic text in Photoshop. I will just use blending options to add metallic text effect.

Below is the preview of the final image of this tutorial:

Step 1:
Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop (File -> New).
new document in photoshop

Step 2:
Create a new layer (Layer >> New >> Layer)
Select “paint bucket tool“.
paint bucket tool

And fill the layer with color #803f0f
after filling color

Step 3:
Right click the layer and select “Blending options” as shown in below image.
Blending options

Apply following layer styles.
gradient layer style

Step 4:
Create a new layer (Layer >> New >> Later). Select “text tool”.
text tool
Type some text with following text style.
Font size: 48pt
Font Family: Forte
Font Color: #ffffff

You can download Forte font from here.

Here I have typed 9zap.com
some text

Step 5:
Right click text layer and select “Blending options”.
select blending options

Apply following layer styles.
drop shadow layer style

satin layer style


stroke layer style

After applying these layer styles, the text will have metallic effect. See below the final image.

Download PSD file of the tutorial FREE

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