Shiny Silver Button in photoshop

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In this tutorial we will learn how to make a shiny silver web 2.0 type button.

Step 1:
1) Create a New document (New >> Document)
size: 300 X 200 px
Background: Transparent

Step 2:
Select “Rounded Rectangle tool” from tool palette and set,
Radius: 3px
Color: white
style: Default (none)

And draw a shape of size you wish.

Step 3:
Press and hold “ctrl” button, and click on the button shape layer. This will select only button shape. Now create a new layer (Layer >> New).

Step 4:
Select “Gradient” tool from tool palette. And set white color as foreground color and #D8DADB color as background color. Hold and drag mouse from lower selection to upper selection. Now our button looks like this:

Step 5:
Right click on the layer and select “Blending options”. In blending options apply following settings:
Size: 1 px
Position: Outside
Opacity: 100%
Color: #C0C1C2

Step: 6
Select Rectangle Marquee Tool, Press and hold “alt” key and draw a shape like this.

Step 7:
Create a new layer (layer >> New). Fill the layer with white color using paint bucket tool. Set opacity to 80% and Fill to 80%

Our Button is ready.

Final Button


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