Soap bubbles in Photoshop

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In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to make soap bubbles in Photoshop. At the end of the tutorial you can download the final PSD.

Below is the preview of final image.

Step 1:
Open any image in Photoshop on which you want to add soap bubbles. Or you may use below image.

Step 2:
Create a new layer (Layer >> New >> Layer).
Select “Ellipse Tool”.
ellipse tool

Set foreground color to white. Press and hold shift key and draw few circular shapes of different sizes.

Step 3:
Press and hold ctrl key and click on the circular shapes layer. This will load all circular shapes.

Go to: Select >> Modify >> Contract.

And contract the selection by 1 px.

Step 4:
Right click circular shape layer and select “Rasterize Layer”. Now press delete key. Change opacity to 60%.

Step 5:
Create a new layer (Layer >> New Layer)
Fill the selection with white color. Change opacity to 20%. Press CTRL + D to de-select selection.

Step 6:
Select Brush tool. Set foreground color to white. Make two white spot on each round shape with soft round brush.
Our soap bubbles are ready.

I hope you like this tutorial.

Download PSD file of the tutorial.
If you are putting this file for free download on your website/ blog, please mention a link to this post. You are not allowed to sell this PSD file.

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